Holistic addiction treatment is a exciting new medical specialty. Addiction is a chronic  medical condition that can be successfully addressed by using holistic medical treatments. Underlying problems like brain chemical imbalances, hormone disorders, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, nutritional deficiencies and other treatable causes are oftentimes overlooked, misdiagnosed and untreated. Our practices uses state of the art testing to identify metabolic conditions that can lead to cravings and addictions that do not respond to traditional treatments.*

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Healing the brain holistically

Our holistic addiction treatments are provided in a spa like office environment.  We customized our treatments to meet the individual needs of our patients.  Some of the addictions that we treat include drug, alcohol, cigarette and food.*

One of our most successful holistic  addiction treatment is IV NAD nutritional treatment. It is especially helpful for reducing  withdrawals symptoms and cravings.  Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD is an essential molecule that is widely found in the body. It binds to niacin (vitamin B3) to make it active so that is may be used by the body. NAD is needed for healthy brain function, energy production and DNA repair. It can improve longevity by enhancing metabolism and gene expression. NAD can decrease inflammation, promote cell life span and prevent neurodegeneration. It may be helpful for substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism, cravings, stress, memory and attention problems, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue and pain and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. NAD may help restore brain neurotransmitter and repair brain damage caused by drug abuse. Our NAD IV therapy is combined with an amino acid cocktail that includes glutamine, tryptophan and tyrosine to help replenishes neurotransmitters. This treatment is given over a 7 to 8 hour periods daily until cravings go away.  The average number of days of treatment ranges from 4 to 13 days. For more info on our IV nutritional therapies* click here

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