The Benefits of Weight Loss in Atlanta

Weight loss in Atlanta- Obesity is a Real Threat to Our Health

Weight loss in Atlanta can begin with a medically supervised weight loss program. Atlanta’s internationally known hormone doctors can produce your desired results while giving you the information and motivation to stick with it. A medically supervised weight loss program that provides all of the nutrients that the body needs, even in the most extreme cases of severe obesity. A majority of the major causes of death and illness in the United States are associated with obesity. The decades-long increase in the obesity rate is primarily due to poor eating habits. However, there are a number of patients that can attribute their weight problem to other factors such as:

  • undiagnosed hormonal imbalances
  • food allergies
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • metabolic disorders

Why our weight loss programs work:

  • Our board-certified weight loss physicians can identify medical causes of weight gain.
  • Nutritional education, appetite management, and individualized activity are all important components of a medically supervised weight loss program.
  • Patients learn effective strategies that will help them to keep weight off.
  • Studies have shown that patients who diet under the management of a physician can expect longer-lasting results.
  • Weight loss physicians understand just how important the connection between emotions and eating can be.
  • You will learn that managing your weight for a lifetime is an integral part of your overall wellness.

About Our Weight Loss in Atlanta

A medically supervised weight loss program is designed to help you to learn how to lose weight fast and to keep it off. Visit a board-certified clinic to learn how to eat all the necessary foods without worrying about weight gain. You can be sure that the right doctor will keep your program safe and healthy. If you are concerned about your weight and you are seeking medically supervised weight loss, Taylor Medical Wellness in Atlanta, GA is the answer. You will meet Internationally known hormone experts, functional medicine doctors, and healthcare professionals who are focused on providing anti-aging, aesthetic, and weight loss healthcare to people of all ages. If weight loss is your goal, you will receive a customized weight loss plan that utilizes state-of-the-art testing to access your metabolism and to determine your ideal calorie intake. No guesswork, just an effective program that is specifically tailored to your nutritional needs. For those interested in disease prevention, we provide testing and treatment for hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, nutritional deficiencies, and more. We offer nutritional therapy, supplements,  healthcare screenings, weight loss programs, and wellness counseling. Our goal is to help you to reduce your risk for health illnesses that are associated with diet, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. If you are intent on being healthy or feeling better, Taylor Medical Wellness, Weight Loss, and Aesthetic Group can help you achieve your goals.