Dehydration and IV Hydration in Atlanta, GA

Dehydration In Atlanta

The effects  of dehydration is often underestimated. Water is needed to rebuild, detox, revitalize body systems, and rejuvenate cells to improve your health    Hydration is important for many reasons. Drinking water on a regular basis is importance because by the time that you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. As little as one percent dehydration can have negative effects on your body. Dehydration can lead to many symptoms and worsen chronic illnesses.  Dehydration effects every organ system of the body ranging from the brain to the heart. Chronic dehydration can lead to premature aging and make you sick.

Dehydration Symptoms in Atlanta

Dehydration can affect your memory, mood, focus, metabolism and physical strength.  The lack of hydration causes the brain tissue fluids to decrease and the brain to shrink while also decreasing brain function leading to confusion, mood changes,  and memory problems.  As your blood becomes more concentrated due to dehydration, you kidneys retain water and urination lessens leading to a build up of toxins. Dehydration causes stress on the cardiovascular system because it becomes harder for the hard to pump thickened dehydrated blood throughout the body. The heart has to increase its rate to maintain blood pressure and blood flow to body organs.  A decrease in blood flow can lead to fatigue, dizziness and fainting. Dehydration can lead to increased body temperature  because the body is unable to produce sweat to cool the body.   Hydration is important for digestion. Water is needed to digest food and get rid of body waste and toxins. Water is needed to produce digestive juices to digest food and produce bowel movements. Lack of water can cause constipation an indigestion.   Joints lose their flexibility when the body become dehydrated because water serves as a cushion for joints.  Hydration affects your strength, power,  endurance and ability to exercise. Hydration effects your metabolism and ability to lose weight. Water carries helpful nutrients and oxygen to your entire body. 

 IV Hydration Therapy in Atlanta Quickly Treats Dehydration


IV hydration can quickly reverse the effects of dehydration.  IV hydration involves putting a catheter into the vein and then infusing normal saline into the body. It usually takes about thirty minutes to hydrate your body with IV hydration. The effects of IV hydration can be immediate.  Now that understand the importance of hydration give us a call at 678-443-40000  or book online today to schedule your hydration IV hydration therapy appointment!Wat helps you absorb  vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your food. IV hydration can help reverse dehydration. Call 678-443-4000 today to schedule  your IV hydration therapy.