A Solution for the Coronavirus?

coronavirusAs the coronavirus becomes a national concern and China’s official death toll topped 3,000 on Thursday, we must look at efficient ways to protect ourselves from this virus. 

The National Institutes of Health is currently conducting a study in China. The study involves the daily use of 24 grams of IV Vitamin C for seven days to treat those in the ICU with severe Coronavirus infections. Vitamin C has been known to enhance the immune system’s ability to fight viral infections.


Vitamin C and Coronavirus

In a recent study done in China, 85% of the 252 students treated with high dose vitamin c experienced a reduction in symptoms of the virus in the high-dose vitamin C group. To read the detailed study click below!

NIH Study “Vitamin C to Treat Severe Coronavirus Infection”


Ways to Enhance Your Immune System  

boost your immune system

  1. First don’t panic- stress weakens the immune system!
  2. Strengthen your immune system with high dose vitamin D injections. A blood vitamin D level of 100 is best to achieve a healthy immune system. If your vitamin D is low, our office offers 50,000 IU injections and Vitamin D drops to boost your levels (click for vitamin d drop recommendation) 
  3. Take probiotics! (click for our probiotic recommendation) Good bacteria in the gut improves immune function.
  4. Take 1000 – 2000 mg of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (click for recommendation) or visit our office for high dose IV Vitamin C therapy! 
  5. WASH YOUR HANDS – it may seem simple but most people don’t wash their hands as much as they should, infecting themselves with bacteria and possibly the coronavirus unknowingly.