IV Nutritional Therapy Benefits In Atlanta

 IV nutritional therapy benefits are huge!  This therapy enhances your health, stamina, immunity, athletic performance, hydration, and physical appearance. It reduces the effects of aging and stress.  IV nutrients improve conditions such as dehydration, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune diseases.  It helps infections, hangovers, dementia, diabetes, drug addiction, and depression. IV nutritional therapy can help the body detox and get rid of harmful toxins.  It can also help with weight loss.  Cancer patients can benefit from  IV nutritional therapy either before or post-cancer treatment. IV nutritional therapy benefits include increased energy, improved sleep, memory, concentration, and anxiety.   Most notice an improvement in their feeling of well-being following IV nutritional therapy.


What to Expect During IV Nutritional Therapy

At The Taylor Medical Group, we provide IV Vitamin therapy in a relaxing spa-like environment. You can choose to listen to music or watch your favorite movie during your treatment. One of our doctors or staff member will help you choose your perfect IV therapy or push.  Don’t have 45  minutes for an IV bag? Take advantage of our Myer’s Cocktail  IV  push (15 minutes) or one of our B12, CoQ 10 or vitamin D booster shots (5 minutes).

Myer’s Cocktail IV Push Benefits

The Myers’ Cocktail is an IV treatment named for the late John Myers, M.D., a Maryland physician. It uses vein injections of nutrients to treat many chronic conditions.   Vitamins and nutrients are slowly injected into the bloodstream. This causes a great increase in blood levels. Our IV infusions are mixed under sterile conditions. The high levels of vitamins and minerals in the blood force nutrients into cells. The Myer’s Cocktail IV push contains vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

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