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Atlanta local Hormone doctors help with hormonal imbalance
Atlanta local hormone doctors know that there is a delicate correlation between levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone within the body. When any hormones are out of balance, their negative effect on other hormones can range from moderate to severe. Fortunately, hormone imbalances are fairly treatable. Our bodies strive to keep our hormones working in a perfectly choreographed harmony. Unfortunately, there are countless factors related to stress and our environment, that can wreak havoc on natural hormonal balance.

Other factors that can disrupt the hormone balances:

• Foods that we eat
• Pesticides and insecticides
• Herbicides
• Solvents and chemicals that we are exposed to

For the average person, it doesn’t take much to send hormone production completely out of control.

Atlanta local Hormone doctors help with the effects of hormonal imbalance

One of the negative effects of estrogen imbalance is weight gain, which in turn, creates additional estrogen, triggering an endless cycle. Excessive stress will increase the production of cortisol. This upsets the thyroid, increasing blood pressure, and triggering unhealthy glucose levels. This is just one example of how one imbalance can start a cascade of other imbalances. Fluctuations are natural in the case of menopause in women. Levels can rise and fall throughout the month, especially prior to menstruation, and is often the cause of PMS, vaginal dryness, and breast changes. For men, decades of a decline in testosterone levels and growth hormone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction and/or gynecomastia (breast development).

Visiting a hormone doctor
Atlanta local hormone doctors- Dr. Eldred TaylorIt is best to see an Atlanta hormone doctor when you have any questions or concerns. Testing your hormone levels can be a good place to start as your doctor decides how to get to the base cause of your problem(s).

Internationally known hormone doctors in Atlanta GA
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