Taylor Medical Group In Atlanta Now Offers Progesterone Pellets

Progesterone Pellets Are Available at Atlanta Based Taylor Medical Group

Hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone diminish as we age. Once hormonal imbalance occurs, it is likely that you will experience symptoms like tiredness, mood swings, low energy, hot flashes, and poor sleep, among many others. These symptoms can be extreme, which may cause a person not to function normally. Traditionally, symptoms of hormonal imbalance caused by aging are controlled through pills, creams, injections, or patches. At Taylor Medical Group, Progesterone Pellets are now available.

What are Progesterone Pellets?

Progesterone Pellets are derived from natural plant sources that are modified to match what the human body produces. These pellets are administered through a simple in-office procedure? wherein a? small incision is made to insert the pellet. This incision is very small so it will not require sutures. There is also no downtime after the procedure so patients can go about with their usual day after administration.

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