Recognizing the Signs of Menopause in Atlanta

Recognizing the signs of menopause

The Signs of Menopause in Atlanta Women

Familiarize yourself with the signs of menopause before making assumptions

Most women accept that they will experience menopause eventually, but many are uncertain as to how to recognize signs of menopause when it does occur. Many women are caught completely off guard when told they are in menopause. We want to impress upon you that recognizing menopause signs is important because these symptoms can be misdiagnosed confused with other medical conditions.

Taylor Medical Wellness Group in Atlanta specializes in diagnosing and treating signs of menopause. Let’s take a moment to consider the most common early signs of menopause.

1. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats:
This can describe whenever you feel hot, and start to sweat without any environmental factors causing you to heat up. It’s purely hormonal and can occur during the day leading to hot flashes and night leading to night sweats. Hot flashes during the day can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. They can cause you to strip or send you looking for the nearest fan, air conditioner vent or freezer to cool down. At night, you might find yourself waking up drenched in sweat or unable to fall asleep due to the sweats. Oftentimes, menopausal women freeze others in their household causing them to bundle up by setting the thermostat at low temperatures. These women discover that they have less need for coats and sweatshirts, and experience more discomfort in close quarters with others.


2. Vaginal Atrophy and Vaginal Dryness:
Sexual intercourse can become painful and/or uncomfortable before and during menopause due to vaginal atrophy. Hormones are very important for the health of the vagina. As hormones decline in menopause, vaginal atrophy occurs. As the vagina atrophies, it loses elasticity and painful intercourse results. The vagina can harden which means that it doesn't stretch with sex. Vaginal atrophy can be somewhat disturbing, and often sends women into their doctor’s office without suspecting menopause as the cause of their problem. Vaginal dryness also results with the decline of hormones during menopause. Although not as distressing as vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness can cause irritation and discomfort. Women often turn to vaginal lubricants to help their vaginal dryness. Restoring hormone balance can reverse vaginal atrophy and dryness.

3. Changes in Period Regularity:
For many women, this is the first indication that they may be experiencing menopause. If you are in your mid to late 40s and your periods have been regular in the past, when that pattern changes, you might be experiencing your earliest sign of menopause. Many women say they experience menopause around the same age as their mothers did. One might consider their age to be a benchmark for predicting the onset of menopause.

4. Excessive Urination:
The bladder like the vagina is affected by the menopause hormone decline. The bladder loses its elasticity and ability and thereby, its ability to hold urine causing women to experience urinary frequency and urgency. This can be a subtle symptom that many women fail to recognize as a sign of menopause.

Menopause does not happen overnight. The process can last for several years for some women. These are a few of the most common symptoms, but there is a myriad of others. Every woman is unique in her own experience. Many processes and changes in the body can be complex, and menopause is certainly no exception to that rule.

Treatment for Menopause in Atlanta GA

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