Thank you for choosing the Taylor Medical Group. Our office policy is designed to help you understand how our practice operates.  It also provides structure and organization so that we can provide excellent consumer service to all our patients and ensure consistent customer service.  We strive to make your experience a good one and welcome your helpful feedback. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please alert our office and we will make every effort to correct the problem and accommodate your needs. You are welcome to speak with our physicians as well during your appointment time to provide your feedback.  Each patient should complete a customer survey to rate our level of customer service after each appointment. 

  1. Payment in full is due up front  at the time of your appointment.  If you do not pay for any reason for services rendered either immediately before or after your appointment, you agree to pay any and all costs associated with collecting this debt from you.
  2. New patients must pay up front  at the time  of  their first visit.  We do not accept co-pays or partial payments for services rendered to new patients, therefore, the total amount of the services rendered is due at the visit.  Our office does not verify insurance benefits for patients.  If you want to know what your insurance benefits are, you must call your insurance company directly.  Please be sure to ask for out of network benefits since they are different from in network benefits.    Your insurance company will be billed for services rendered by office if applicable.  You will receive an explanation of benefits  (EOB) from your insurance company in the mail about two weeks after your visit.  It usually takes two to three business days for the  electronic  insurance claims to be received by your insurance company and entered into their system. The  EOB will  explain  what you deductible is, what portion of the  insurance payment that went towards your deductible, payment amount allowed after the deductible, and   and patient responsibility as determined under your plan.   If  your insurance pays any amount of your insurance bill to us, you will receive a credit for use for future visits or services.  If the insurance payment is more than what you paid, the difference is due to  our office.  Please bring in your  EOBs once you receive them so that we can adjust your account  accordingly.  Once we establish an commitment from your insurance company to pay, we can then offer discounts on our visit accordingly.  In some cases i.e. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) that checks will be mailed directly to the patient and those patients will pay up front and receive reimbursement directly from BCBS.
  3. Our office is an out of network service provider. We do not accept HMO, Medicare or Medicaid insurance plans. Patients are responsible for payment in full for services rendered to them. Non-HMO insurance companies with “out of network benefits” usually cover a portion of the office visit and laboratory testing charges. Each insurance company has different policies, therefore, reimbursement is not guaranteed. You agree that you are responsible for all bills even if your insurance company doesn’t pay. We will bill your insurance company as a courtesy but our office is not required to accept your insurance company’s discounted payment rate as payment in full. A co-payment will be collected based on your insurance benefits. If you agree to allow us to bill your insurance company and then decline this decision by contacting your insurance company, you agree that you will be responsible in full cost for all office and laboratory services provided. You agree that all office services and products are non-refundable. In the event that your insurance company does not pay for any reason, you are responsible for the bill in full.
  4. Methods of payment include cash and major credit cards. However, we do not accept American Express or checks. Payment in full is due at the time of the service.
  5. If we bill your insurance company on your behalf, payments made to the office are a estimated co-pay and is not payment in full for services rendered. Your insurance company will be billed for the remaining amount due for services and laboratory tests provided. Any payments made by your insurance company will go towards any outstanding balance and no refund of money is due to you for money paid to our office for services rendered. In the event that insurance checks are inadvertently sent to you, please forward all checks to the office immediately. You must contact us immediately when you receive an insurance payment to make payment arrangements for the insurance payment that you received. You agree that if you do not turn over the insurance payments to our office, your credit card charge on file will immediately be charged for all insurance payments issued for office services, treatment, screening test or laboratory testing performed or ordered by our office. You agree to pay all cost associated with collecting insurance payments from you.
  6. You agree that if insurance payments are not turned over to our office, you will pay in full any and all outstanding third party laboratory testing cost, bills or expenses that our office has incurred on your behalf.  Furthermore, you agree that you are financially liable for all laboratories that specimens are collected and or submitted on your behalf. We will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you. If your insurance pays you the insurance check for labs billed by us, you agree turn over the insurance payment to satisfy your outstanding lab bills. You also agree to pay all their laboratory costs and any collections expenses that the third party labs or our practice might incur in their attempt to collect payment for laboratory services provided to you. You agree that you are personally responsible for any and all collection costs associated with collecting laboratory bill payments.
  7. In order to provide better service to our patients, we do not overbook appointments to compensate for no shows, therefore, we must bill for missed appointments. cancellation fee is due for patients who do not cancel their appointment at least 24  business hours prior to their appointment time.  As a safeguardplease email your cancellation to avoid any confusion regarding the cancellation deadlineYour credit card will be charged for the missed appointment on the day of the appointment of $99. To avoid a cancellation fee, if you are not able to come in for your appointment, the doctor is available by phone during your appointment time to speak with you to discuss your treatment plan. We acknowledge that emergencies arise and are willing to accommodate you during an emergency. However, we cannot accommodate you if you do not contact us as soon as you are aware of the emergency. If you reschedule the appointment for the same day or next day, the cancellation fee will be applied to your office visit. Also, if we are able to fill the appointment slot with another patient the cancellation fee may be waived. Our cancellation policy is also posted in our waiting room for your convenience.
  8. If you are late for an appointment you will be seen for the remainder of your appointment time in order to avoid delays for other patients but you may still be billed for the total amount for your  schedule appointment time.
  9. If you go over your scheduled appointment time you will be charged for the additional time spent with the doctor.
  10.  There is a cost associated with medical records requests regardless of if you make it or  someone authorized on your behalf i.e. another doctor’s office, hospital, life or disability insurance company or attorney. This cost may include but is not limited to an administrative fee of $20, copying fee per page, postage shipping and certification if necessary. Our medical records policy is in accordance with Title 45, Section 164.524© of the Code of Federal Regulations, and pursuant to Georgia O.C.G.A. 31-33-3.
  11.  All medical records requests must be in writing as described in this section. You must sign our company’s medical release form and pay associated medical records fees before medical records are sent out. Verbal requests for medical records will not be accepted.  Medical records are sent out within three to four weeks of a completed request as described in this section; furthermore, you agree to pay all outstanding bills with our office before any medical records are sent out for any reason on your behalf.
  12. Prescription refill requests should be done during appointment times only. Please allow 48-72 business hours for your regular prescription refills. It may take a little longer on weekends and holidays. For all new prescriptions, you will  need to be seen in our office by one of our providers.
  13. A prescription may be denied if you have not seen us recently or if laboratory testing is needed. This time frame may vary depending on the prescription medication that is requested. Ideally, we like seeing our patients every six to twelve months. This is to make sure that you are up to date on all your health issues and prescriptions. If you miss or cancel an appointment and then need a prescription refill as the result of this, there is a $50 prescription refill fee to process your request outside appointment times if  you fail to keep your appointments. There is no fee for all prescriptions requested during appointment times so please bring in all your prescription bottles for the doctor to review during your appointment time to ensure that you have any medication until your next schedule appointment. If you require a prescription authorization from our office, your request should be made during your appointment time to avoid a processing fee. Patients who have not been seen recently may be required to come in for an office visit or have laboratory testing done before a prescription is called in.
  14. Insurance companies may not cover prescriptions called in to the compounding pharmacy; therefore the compounding pharmacy will call you directly for a method of payment prior to shipping it to you.
  15.  All lab results are reviewed and discussed during appointment times.  Results can only be given over the phone during a phone consultation with the doctor. The fee for the phone consult will depend on the amount of time required for the consult and is consistent with in-house office visit fees. We do not fax or email labs results to patients.  A copy of your labs will be given to your during your appointment time.  If you want copies of your testing outside of an appointment time, it will be treated as a medical records request.
  16.  Medical questions should be addressed during appointment times. Our staff may handle brief questions but in-depth questions will require an appointment or phone consult with the doctor.
  17. The doctors are available for phone consultations for the convenience of our established patients who live out of town or have schedules, which do not permit them to come in for office visits. Insurance companies do not cover phone  consults; therefore, you are responsible for the service in full.
  18. If you request to speak with the doctor by phone, a phone consult will be scheduled and you will be billed accordingly.  You must have a credit card on file to set up a phone consult. Please allow our staff to handle simple questions and request, to avoid a physician’s fee. You will be billed for emails that require time from the physician according to our fee schedule
  19. .Products can be ordered from our website You may request to pick them up at the office.  However, you must schedule the pick-up of your products so as not to delay our ability to see their patients who are being seen in the office. Patients are billed for the postage and shipping charge for products sent by mail. A valid credit card must be on file for staff to ship products or laboratory test kits to you. If you plan to stop by to pick up your product, please call first before coming.
  20.  All services and product sales are final.  Patients are responsible for payments for services and labs performed.  No refund will be given once a service has been provided or lab test has been drawn, or purchased or taken from the office. There are no refunds on products sold in our office for any reason. Please do not ask the staff or doctor for refunds once you have purchased a product and it leaves the office. Our refund policy is also  posted in our office for your convenience. We make no guarantee regarding the outcome or results of any  treatment or service that we provide  but some improvement is expected and varies with time and treatment course since each individual is different.
  21. .If you show up for an unscheduled appointment to speak with the doctor, you will be billed according to our fee schedule. We discourage patients from showing up unannounced without an appointment.  You will be billed for the amount of time that you speak with the physicians even if you do not have an appointment. Please schedule an appointment to be considerate of other patients who have appointments so that the office can run smoothly and efficiently.
  22. We require a credit card to be on file for patients to reserve appointment time,  in the event that products or lab kits have to be sent out to patients or on their  behalf of the patient.  This credit card is also used to reserve your appointment times for appointment and cancellation fees. Patients who do not have a valid credit cards on file must pay in advance for all appointments, services, laboratory kits, products and any other items that might be purchased  at least 48 hours in advance.
  23. Patients who request credit card charge backs for any reason agree to pay a $150.00 per charge back in addition to the original charges for services provided by our office. Patients are responsible for all fees incurred by Taylor Medical Group for charge back collections. Credit card charge backs will be immediately turned over for collections at your expense.
  24. We do not provide disability forms for patients who desire disability coverage. Your primary care physicians must complete these forms. Please bring in insurance or prescription request forms during your appointment time so that we may doctor avoid a fee for these completing forms. Forms completed outside of appointment times will be billed at our normal office fee for time spent to complete the form by the doctor.
  25. Our office specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement, functional medicine and aesthetic & anti-aging medicine. We do not assume the responsibility for treatment of major medical illnesses that you are currently being treated for by your primary physicians.  We do not hospitalize patients or provide emergency services after office hours. Please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room if you are experiencing a medical emergency.  You should continue treatment with your primary care physician or specialist for acute, routine or chronic medical illnesses. 
  26.  You must call the office before coming to the office to pick up supplements, tests, etc., to avoid delaying appointments for patients on the schedule for that day and to allow us to prepare for your needs.
  27.  We reserve the right to immediately discharge a patient from our practice if they do not comply with office policies or don’t conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards our staff, vendors or other patients.  Likewise, patients have the right to terminate their treatment with our medical practice at anytime.  You agree that your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with our company is termination of treatment and/or services.  If you are unhappy about an issue please notify us immediately to allow us to resolve the problem before making a decision to terminate your care with us. It is our goal to make our patients happy and provide excellent service.
  28. Each year patients will be asked to sign a new Office Policy Form and Medical History Form to update our patients on changes to our polices and for patients to update their medical history, respectively.
  29. You may schedule appointments 24 hours a day seven days a week on our website. You may also call the office to schedule an appointment during regular business hours.
  30. Our office is open Monday thru  Thursday  from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm  and 9:30 am to 3  pm on Fridays by appointment only. If you need to stop by the office for any reason or outside our normal hours, please call ahead to make sure that we are available. Please do not show up unannounced at our office because it delays our ability to see patients that have office appointments. Patients being seen in the office will be assisted first. Please have a seat until our staff is finished with patients that have a scheduled appointment.
  31. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, go to your nearest emergency room or call 911. If you have an urgent medical matter, you may call our office for a same day appointment during regular office hours. We do not provide emergency medical or hospitalization services. Contact your primary care physician immediately if you feel that you need emergency care or hospitalization.
  32. If you desire to speak with our doctors outside of appointment times, you may schedule a phone consult that will be billed according to our office fee schedule at the same rate as it is if you were being seen in the office. Phone consults cannot be billed to insurance copies but offer convenience to patients that cannot travel to our office. Our staff can get answers to brief questions from our doctor at no cost if you have a simple question but complicated questions and medical advice can only be addressed during a consultation with our doctors. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.
  33. All forms or letters that you desire to be complete must be done during appointment times. Request made outside appointment times are process at a cost based on our office time fee schedule. A minimum fee of $50 is required to complete forms outside of appointment time. This policy includes request for Express Script or 90 day  authorizations by the doctor. You must allow at least 72 business hours for these request and they are processed in the order that they are received.


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