Erectile Dysfunction Program

The Genesis™ Erectile Dysfunction is  a cutting edge program  designed to improve male sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction  by using the latest technologies and therapies.*

Sexual dysfunction is not uncommon. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more likely to occur in elderly men but can occur at any age. Older men are more likely to suffer from  decreased blood flow, nerve damage and low hormone levels that contribute to ED.

Prostate disease, trauma,  neurological conditions, nerve damage, depression, hypertension, cardiovascular disease,  diabetes,  chronic pain and prescriptions can lead to ED.  An even bigger culprit that causes ED is stress.  Chronic psychological and physical stress often reduce a man’s  sex drive and ability to perform and enjoy sex.

*Results may vary

An Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

According to the American Medical Association,  31% of men in the U.S. suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. Research studies are beginning to recognize sexual function changes associated with stress. Stress can have tangible effects on our reproductive system. It disrupts sex hormones like testosterone, which can lead to sexual dysfunction and decreased sex drive in  men.

When a man is stressed, cortisol, a hormone, is released. Cortisol blocks hormones produced in the pituitary gland that are necessary for  sperm production in men.  At the level of the testicle, cortisol suppresses testosterone in men. Cortisol affects reproduction at many levels to decrease the possibility of reproduction during stressful times. The biochemistry of how chronic stress affects a man’s reproductive system is not yet completely understood. However, it is clear that several important body systems are disrupted the result of which can lead to  sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Increased  sympathetic nervous system and decreased parasympathetic systems  function caused by stress leads to decreased blood flow and sensitivity.  Good  blood flow and  nerve function at important  for sexual arousal and in achieving an erection.

Genesis™ Male Enhancement Program gets to the root of the problem by providing  cutting edge screening tests to  identify men with decreased blood flow and nerve function, low testosterone levels and other medical conditions i.e. high blood pressure and diabetes that can cause  ED. We provide customized and state of the art comprehensive therapies i.e. male  hormone replacement, specialized  IV nutritional treatments, acoustic shockwave  therapy and specially formulated nutritional supplements  to  treat many of the reversibles causes of ED.*

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