Erectile dysfunction (ED)  is not uncommon. It is not surprising that with so many stressors in life, many of us have very little desire or energy for sex. We all know that sex can be a great way to reduce stress. The positive feelings associated with sex are largely due to emotional and physical relief caused by the release of endorphins. Unfortunately, chronic psychological and physical stress often reduce our sex drive and ability to perform and enjoy sex. There are many advantages to maintaining a healthy level of sexual activity, which include reducing the incidence of heart attacks, increasing lifespan, maintaining a sense of well-being and improving one’s quality of life.

According to the American Medical Association,  31% of men in the U.S. suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Research studies are beginning to recognize sexual function changes associated with stress. Stress can have tangible effects on our reproductive system. It disrupts sex hormones like testosterone, which can lead to sexual dysfunction and decreased sex drive in men.

When a man is stressed, cortisol, a hormone, is released. Cortisol blocks hormones produced in the pituitary gland that is necessary for sperm production in men.  At the level of the testicle, cortisol suppresses testosterone in men. Cortisol affects reproduction at many levels to decrease the possibility of reproduction during stressful times. The biochemistry of how chronic stress affects a man’s reproductive system is not yet completely understood. However, it is clear that several important body systems are disrupted the result of which can lead to sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Increased sympathetic nervous system and decreased parasympathetic systems function caused by stress lead to decreased blood flow and sensitivity.  Good blood flow and nerve function at important for sexual arousal and in achieving an erection.  Poor blood circulation is associated with aging and cardiovascular disease can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Taylor Medical Group gets to the root of your ED  problem by providing cutting edge screening tests to identify men with decreased blood flow and nerve function, low testosterone levels, and other medical conditions i.e. high blood pressure and diabetes that can cause  ED. We provide customized and state of the art comprehensive therapies i.e. P shot, testosterone hormone replacement, specialized  IV nutritional treatments, GainsWave acoustic shockwave therapy, peptide therapy, and specially formulated nutritional supplements to treat many of the reversible causes of ED, Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation.

VitaPro™ is our brand name of bremelanotide, also known as PT-141.  Bremelanotide has undergone numerous studies looking at this peptide in providing relief from sexual dysfunction, both in women (low sex drive) and men ( erectile dysfunction.) PT-141 has also shown to exhibit its effects on libido enhancement through activation of the receptors in the brain. This is different than other medications that focus on the vascular system.*

*Results may vary

Mainly used as a solution for erectile dysfunction, men opt for Bremelanotide to re-ignite their passion for engaging in sexual activity. and obtaining extremely hard erections that do not just satisfy them but also their partners at the time of physical intercourse. While opting for the PT-141, individuals don’t need to undertake other medications or therapies like hormone replacement therapy for effective results.*

Therefore, those that are looking for a comprehensive therapy to improve their sexual desire and sex life, bremelanotide is exactly what they need. PT-141 is a perfect alternative to opting for a number of therapies or medications for treating sexual dysfunctions of men or women.*

Bremelanotide happens to be one of the most promising peptides that can deliver the best results when it comes to improving one’s sexual life (in case of women) and offering stronger, longer-lasting erections (in case of men). If anyone is suffering from an inferiority complex because of lacking sexual arousal or erectile dysfunction, this peptide can help do away with such problems and help one get access to a healthy sex life along with an active and energetic lifestyle.*

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