IV Vitamin C and Prostate Cancer Atlanta GA

IV Vitamin C and Prostate Cancer

IV Vitamin C Therapy and Prostate Cancer in Atlanta

IV vitamin C can help men suffering from prostate cancer. Nothing is scarier than getting the diagnosis of cancer. Some people become very passive and follow the conventional course of treatment. Surgery, radiation, and or chemotherapy. In some cases, this may be appropriate.
Do What You Can
Some people spring into action. They are determined to do what they can to enhance the body’s natural ability to fight cancer.  Here is what one of our patients decided to do to take control of his health.
Jonathan is a 57 y.o man that was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He came to our practice asking if we gave high-dose vitamin C as an adjunct treatment for cancer. He had done his research and wanted to try Vitamin C before having prostate surgery next month.
When he came to our practice  his PSA was 60, normal is less than 4. This is what is followed during treatment to determine if the treatment is working.
Twice a week for 3 weeks he came in and received 100 grams of vitamin C intravenously. Vitamin C decreases inflammation and is an antioxidant and protects healthy cells. Vitamin C is an oxidant and kills cancer cells. More importantly, Vitamin C kills cancer stem cells. Stem cells are the origin of cancer cells.
Yesterday,  we got the results of his PSA.  It  was down to  36. He and his wife were ecstatic. He will continue this therapy until his prostate surgery and afterward. To date, he remains in remission and continues to get monthly IV vitamin C to maintain his health. Maybe IV vitamin C can help you in your journey to combat prostate cancer. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our holistic today to see if IV vitamin C is right for you.