IV Vitamin C: The Best Treatment for the Flu

IV Vitamin C Helps Those Suffering From the Flu in Atlanta

The flu kills hundreds of Americans each year. This seems ridiculous. How can this happen? How do we continue to deal with this every year? The CDC suggests a flu vaccine. Flu vaccines are developed based on the strain of influenza from the previous year. The flu virus can mutate or change its structure to be resistant to the antibodies produced from the vaccine. The vaccine does not work to treat the flu once you have the flu. There are no effective antiviral drugs that treat this flu or any other strain of the flu. That is why people are dying. Vitamin C given in a high enough dose can treat or cure almost every viral or bacterial infection.

When you have time click on the video link “Living Proof” below. This is a case of a man with the swine flu. He was in the ICU. His lungs were completely non-functional. They were going to take him off life support. The family begged the hospital to give him IV vitamin C. Although it was a long and contentious fight the man is living because of IV Vitamin C.

Why do humans get the flu and goats don’t?

Animals typically live a normal life until they die of old age or are killed by a predator. They don’t live out their years in a chronically ill state. Why are humans so much more susceptible to disease? Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung, kidney, and liver disease are all unique to humans and two other species of animals, monkeys, and guinea pigs. What do they have in common? They can’t produce their own vitamin C. That is why guinea pigs and monkeys are used in medical research. These animals can be made sick and toxic much easier than any other animals because they do not make Vitamin C. This allows you to test drugs easier on these animals.

Domesticated dogs and cats can produce some vitamin C but make much less than wild animals. That is why vets make most of their money treating domesticated animals or animals in captivity. For example goats on a farm normally produce 13 times more vitamin C than cats or dogs. In normal conditions the goat makes about 13, 000 mg of vitamin C.If faced with an infection or a toxic exposure the goat can produce 100,000 mg a day. The Cambridge study in 2001 showed that men and women with high blood levels of vitamin C had a 50% decreased death rate of those with the lowest level from all causes.

Thousands of Studies

Pubmed searches the National Institutes of Health Library of Medicine. 52356 is the number of studies showing the efficacy of Vitamin C in the prevention treatment and cure of almost any and every chronic and acute infectious disease. There is an article to be published in the Journal of Critical Care next month. The title is “Vitamin C: the next step in sepsis management.” Sepsis is a total body infection. Fifty percent of people with sepsis die. Before the discovery of antibiotics and the pharmaceutical domination of medicine Vitamin C was routinely used to treat and cure sepsis.

I first started using Vitamin C with my daughter. She routinely got the flu or strep throat every winter and would miss a week of school. At Taylor Medical Group we use Vitamin C to help patients with any infectious disease cancer, herpes, fatigue, hypertension, etc.