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Atlanta Hormone Doctors Treat Hormone Imbalance

Atlanta hormone doctors treat hormone imbalance

Atlanta Hormone Doctors are Internationally Known

Hormone Imbalance Can Occur At Any Age

Are you feeling exhausted, moody, and irritable? Are your hormones out of balance? Hormone imbalance can occur at any age and might be caused by stress, poor diet, or natural changes.

Hormone imbalances are becoming increasingly common in modern society, affecting men and women of all ages. They can arise from a number of causes, ranging from typical lifestyle decisions such as unhealthy eating or lack of exercise to more serious underlying medical conditions. Hormone imbalances have a range of symptoms, including irregular menstrual cycles or hair/skin changes in women and erectile dysfunction or low sex drive in men. While some cases may require extensive medical testing and drugs to balance the hormones, many can be managed using simple lifestyle corrections such as eating healthier foods or getting more sleep. The sooner the imbalance is diagnosed and treated, the better the chances of restoring equilibrium in the body’s hormone levels quickly and successfully.


Causes of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalances can be a result of several different causes. Poor nutrition, nutritional deficiencies, alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, stress, medications, and diseases such as diabetes and thyroid problems are all potential culprits in causing an imbalance. Dieting without proper guidance from a dietician or healthcare professional can also throw off your hormones because denying the body nutrients can be similar to taking medication. Additionally, exposure to certain environmental toxins has been linked to hormone irregularities and should be avoided when possible. Reducing stress and ensuring good eating habits is one way to help prevent hormone issues from arising.


Identifying A Hormone Imbalance

Identifying a hormone imbalance can be tricky and time-consuming. A doctor will typically ask questions about symptoms and lifestyle to determine if there may be an issue with hormone levels. Diagnostic tests may need to be done to measure the levels of certain hormones in the body. Common signs of hormonal imbalance include changes in appetite, difficulty sleeping, sudden mood swings, fatigue, weight gain or loss, lower libido than usual, and difficulty concentrating. It’s important to work with a healthcare provider if you suspect that your hormones are out of balance, as it can have a significant effect on your overall health. Trying natural remedies such as yoga and meditation may also help improve hormonal balance over time.

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalances pose a serious health issue and can have long-lasting repercussions if not addressed promptly. Common signs to look out for include irregular menstrual cycles, extreme fatigue, weight gain or loss, changes in appetite, bloating, depression and anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, and night sweats. If you experience any combination of these symptoms, it’s essential to meet with your doctor right away to get tested and treated before the condition worsens. Hormones play a key role in our overall well-being and, without proper balance, can cause distress both physically and emotionally. Taking proactive actions by seeking medical advice early on is essential in ensuring optimum health at all times!

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

A hormone imbalance can cause a wide variety of upsetting symptoms, ranging from insomnia and weight gain to depression, heart palpitations, and weakened bones. If you experience any of these symptoms frequently, it could be an indication that your endocrine system is out of balance. It is essential to see your doctor if you believe you have a hormone imbalance to get the correct medical evaluation and treatment; left unchecked, a hormone imbalance can have significant impacts on your health. Different types of therapy, such as dietary changes and prescription medications, may be prescribed to restore balance. With dedicated treatment and a focus on improving lifestyle choices, individuals who suffer from issues related to hormone imbalances can live long and fulfilling lives.


How to Diagnose a Hormone Imbalance

Diagnosing a hormone imbalance is an important step to ensure you receive the proper treatment. The most accurate way to do this is to visit your doctor, who may recommend blood tests, salivary tests, and urine tests. Blood testing measures the levels of hormones in your blood and can help identify abnormalities or imbalances. Salivary testing measures the number of free hormones unbound by proteins and available for use in the body. Urine testing detects metabolites from different hormones to determine if your body is properly utilizing the hormone or if there are imbalances present. If any imbalances are detected, your doctor will advise on further treatment options, including lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Lifestyle Changes, Diet, Exercise, and Supplements Can  Restore Hormone Balance

Small changes in lifestyle and diet, implementing a moderate exercise regime, and adding high-quality supplements to your routine may make big differences in hormone balance. Choosing healthy food, finding exercises that suit your lifestyle, and considering how different supplements may help correct hormone imbalances. With hormone balance returning on track naturally, you will feel healthier and more energized.


Hormone Therapy to Treat Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalance can have far-reaching effects on the body, both physical and emotional. Many hormone imbalances can be addressed through hormone therapy, a medical treatment that works to bring hormone levels into proper balance. This treatment is often most effective after closely considering an individual’s unique hormone levels and lifestyle.

The hormone therapy approach — which may involve hormone replacement therapy, either synthesized or natural hormones — is tailored to each individual’s specific hormone needs. Its primary goal is to reduce any risk factors created by hormone deficiencies or excesses and improve key hormone-regulated processes like metabolism, digestion, immunity, and mood. As such, hormone therapy has become increasingly popular among men and women looking for a natural solution to hormone irregularities or disruptions.

Experienced healthcare professionals can help give insight into what hormone therapy may best serve their needs. Seeking out hormone therapy can produce major improvements in energy levels, sleep quality, concentration, moods, and many other areas that are impacted by hormone dysregulation. If left untreated, it may lead to serious health complications. In this blog post, we will explore the different causes of hormone imbalance and how to identify symptoms, diagnose the issue and find effective treatments that can restore hormonal balance for improved overall health and well-being.




Internationally known hormone doctors in Atlanta GA

Eldred Taylor, M.D. is a well-known, dynamic speaker and expert on Holistic Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Taylor is the President of the American Functional Medicine Association, a national non-profit organization, which educates healthcare providers and the public on functional (holistic) medicine. Dr. Taylor is a pioneer of bio-identical hormone replacement and has over twenty years of experience in this field. Dr. Taylor has traveled the world educating thousand of doctors and pharmacist on how to treat patients with bio-identical hormone replacement. As a hormone expert, Dr. Taylor has also been featured on many television, radio and podcast shows. Dr. Taylor has helped thousands of patients with bio-identical hormone replacement. Dr. Eldred Taylor has practiced holistic and functional medicine for over 25 years. Dr. Eldred Taylor provides cutting edge for hormone replacement for men and women. Dr. Taylor specializes in salivary hormone testing which is much more accurate than blood testing in diagnosing hormone disorders. Dr. Taylor specializes in hormone pellets for the treatment of hormone deficiencies which affects men and women as they age but can occurs at any age.

Dr. Eldred Taylor is the co-author of two must-read books, Are Your Hormone Making You Sick? and The Stress Connection, and also a sought-after radio and television personality who has been featured in local and national publications.


Ava Bell-Taylor, M.D. is a holistic doctor with a focus on functional (wellness), integrative, and non-invasive cosmetic medicine. Combining functional medicine with her knowledge of conventional medicine has enabled Dr. Bell-Taylor to help many patients suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, attention-deficient, dementia, and eating disorders. Dr. Bell-Taylor specializes in functional medicine with a special emphasis on how hormone disorders, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and nutritional deficiencies contribute to brain dysfunction, like depression, attention deficient, anxiety, insomnia, and dementia, weight gain and other chronic medical illnesses.

Dr. Ava Bell-Taylor was one of the first physicians trained and certified to perform FemiWave for women for vaginal and bladder rejuvenation. Dr. Bell-Taylor specializes in the O shot to help women suffering from sexual dysfunction like vaginal pain and dryness and decreased libido and sensitivity. Dr. Taylor has extensive experience and post-graduate training in non-invasive cosmetic medicine. Dr. Taylor-Bell Taylor was one of the first doctors in Georgia trained in radio-frequency skin tightening. Dr. Bell-Taylor’s philosophy is “We treat the body from the inside out realizing that they are inseparable in achieving overall body health”.


If you are concerned about your health and you are seeking holistic and natural healthcare, Taylor Medical Wellness Group in Atlanta, GA is the answer. You will meet Internationally known hormone experts, functional medicine doctors, and healthcare professionals who are focused on providing anti-aging, aesthetic, and weight loss healthcare to people of all ages. If weight loss is your goal, you will receive a customized weight loss plan that utilizes state-of-the-art testing to access your metabolism and to determine your ideal calorie intake. No guesswork, just an effective program that is specifically tailored to your nutritional needs.

For those interested in disease prevention, we provide testing and treatment for hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, nutritional deficiencies, and more. We offer nutritional therapy, supplements,  healthcare screenings, weight loss programs, and wellness counseling. Our goal is to help you to reduce your risk for health illnesses that are associated with diet, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices. If you are intent on being healthy or feeling better, Taylor Medical Wellness, Weight Loss, and Aesthetic Group can help you achieve your goals.

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