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Medical weight loss is a booming treatment. There are many one size fits all weight loss programs on the market. Unlike others, we customize medical weight loss programs for each patient. At the beginning of your medical weight loss program, we use state-of-the-art body composition and metabolism testing to access your metabolism and to determine your ideal calorie intake to lose weight. We take the guesswork out of weight loss. Some of our programs include prescription and non-prescription appetite suppressants, lipo/carnitine/MICB fat burning injections,  hormone replacement therapy, FDA – approved body composition analysis, muscle and body composition building nutritional products, blood work, wellness screening tests, virtual nutritional coaching, and more. Our comprehensive medical program is simple to follow which makes weight loss easy to accomplish. No two people are exactly alike. Therefore, we offer a variety of weight loss plans to choose from to customize your weight loss program. We offer weight loss genetic testing, physician-formulated nutraceutical supplements, IV nutritional weight loss therapy, infrared detox therapy, and other services to promote healthy weight loss.*

Our metabolic ketogenic weight loss program can help you quickly lose weight while increasing your energy levels, muscle mass, and metabolism. There is no need to starve yourself to lose weight. Our medical programs address medical factors that cause weight gain such as slow metabolism, stress, gastrointestinal dysfunction, food cravings, and body toxins that may lead to fat production and post-weight loss rebound weight gain.*

*Results may vary

In many cases, our weight loss services are covered by insurance plans, which may mean fewer out-of-pocket expenses for you. Do you want to look your best for a special occasion or improve your health, give us a call today?  Schedule your consultation with one of our doctors for only $175.  Call 678-443-4000 today!

Who should lose weight?

Obesity is associated with the major causes of death and illness in the United States. It is an epidemic problem and is growing at alarming rates. Studies show that obesity decreases lifespan and is associated with hypertension, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

The increase in obesity rate is due to a host of factors including our eating habits but may be the result of undiagnosed hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic disorders. It is important to identify underlying medical causes of weight gain if we are to win the battle against obesity and achieve wellness.

How Weight Loss Can Improve Your Health

Weight loss is important in decreasing blood pressure and preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes. Weight loss lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and osteoarthritis.

Weight loss also can be important in increasing fertility and sex drive, balancing hormones, preventing fibroids and uterine cancer, and decreasing PMS, peri-menopausal, and menopausal symptoms. Weight gain is associated with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Correcting neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) can treat depressions while decreasing cravings and suppressing appetite and healthy weight loss. Our safe and effective medical weight loss program helps you comfortably lose weight and keep it off while improving your mood and vitality.*

*Results may vary

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Medical Weight Loss Testing

There are many reasons why you gain weight or have difficulty losing weight. Our doctors may recommend laboratory testing such as hormone, nutritional, metabolic, neurotransmitter, food allergy, and environmental testing which is covered by insurance companies in many cases. We also offer genetic testing to assess your ability to lose weight.

Laboratory testing can help ensure that you get the results that you want and help to identify the causes for your weight gain. Weight gain is often a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Do not assume that your weight gain is due to your eating habits or normal aging. Are you tired of exercising and dieting and not getting the results that you want? Come see us today for your consultation!

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“As for my personal experience with Dr. Taylor, I have found him to be encouraging, professional (he and his staff value your time), and most of all knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the program as administered under his care. .” – M.H.*

* Results may vary

“I lost the weight I have been trying to lose for the last 12 years!” – C.C.*

“I have been absolutely amazed as to how well the diet has worked for me. The outburst of energy has been phenomenal. I never dreamed this would and COULD happen to me.” – L.S.*

“This program has brought me such enviable body shape and weight! I am on day 13 and getting the results that I want. I am very happy with the noticeable results.” – J.G.*

“Did the diet in the spring and have kept the weight off and are actually down a little more. I can’t believe how easy it was and how easy it is to keep it off. I felt great while doing it too!” – L.B.*

” I am a whole new person. Thank you for all the coaching and the support along the way.” – B.L.*

“I can breathe, I can walk and most of all my kids are proud to have their mom back!” – L.A.*

“Three of us have done it for 26 days. We have kept it off and actually are down a little more. All of us felt great while doing it and of course loved the results. I can’t believe how easy it was and how easy it is to keep the weight off.” -L.L.*

” My energy level is fantastic. I have not felt or looked better in over 20 years. I would recommend this program to anyone in need of healthy weight loss. I was most impressed with the staff; they were very pleasant, helpful, and encouraging. Thank you.” -M.A.*

*Results may vary

“I would always say well it’s in our genes to be big-boned but I realized that although I will never be my high school weight that there were some things that I needed to change, food selection and portion control. I am not only maintaining but losing body fat with exercise and consuming at most 1,500 calories a day which was actually rare. When we go to restaurants now my wife and myself we determine what we want mutually and share or I get an entree and it lasts me at least two days-I will say “I will eat the rest of this meat for dinner tomorrow” etc. -W.F.** Results may vary

“I decided to give them a try after battling weight, gym memberships, fasting, cleansing, etc. Dr. Taylor started me on their program. My weight came off. I am resting better. I am sleeping better. I have more energy. I feel GREAT! Dr. Taylor reviewed with me a battery of test results from blood samples, saliva, and stool, and with about 25 pages of data; I was amazed and appreciative to learn what MY body was sensitive to, and those things not good for MY body. WOW! No doctor has ever told me information like this!!! You oughta…You must…You gotta call their office asap.” -P.W.F*

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