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FemiWave Vaginal Rejuvenation


FemiWave & O Shot Vaginal Rejuvenation

Best FemiWave Treatments in Atlanta

Learn more about Femivave & O shot Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation offered by our Atlanta doctors helps to improve the appearance and function of the vagina and its surrounding areas. As we age, our intimate areas can lose volume, sag, and become discolored. Our treatments help to pump up vaginal tissues which leads to a more youthful appearance. We offer vaginal and anal lightening treatments to restore the brightness to intimate areas.

Many women experience sexual dysfunction at some time in their lives. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of life but is more likely to occur as women age. Research shows that an average of 43% of women suffers from some type of sexual dysfunction in their lifetime.

Leaky Bladder

Leaky bladder or urinary incontinence can occur at any age. It is, however, more likely to occur in women after childbirth who are overweight and as women age. There are two main types of urinary incontinence. If you are suffering from stress incontinence, activities that increase pressure inside your abdomen cause urine to leak your bladder ring that normally holds it in. Coughing, sneezing, jumping, walking, exercising, and lifting heavy objects can cause your bladder to leak. Urge incontinence may cause your bladder to suddenly empty without warning or make you urinate frequently.


What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction can be a result of a physical or psychological problem. Common conditions that can lead to sexual dysfunction in women include diabetes, hormonal imbalance, menopause, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Prescription drugs like anti-hypertensives and anti-depressants can lead to sexual dysfunction. Stress and past sexual trauma are also closely linked to sexual dysfunction. Women after a hysterectomy are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction especially if their ovaries are removed.

Hormones play an important role in women’s sex life. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome, severe PMS, and menopause are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction due to hormone imbalances. Hormone problems can lead to vaginal dryness, decreased sensitivity, lack of arousal, and painful intercourse. Low progesterone, estrogen, or testosterone levels can cause sexual problems.

Vaginal and Bladder Rejuvenation Treatments

Taylor Medical Wellness, Weight Loss, and Aesthetic Group provide the latest treatments available to help women suffering from sexual dysfunction and bladder issues. Some of our treatments include O Shot, bio-identical hormone replacement, and FemiWave™. Please be sure to ask our staff about all our treatment options.

The O Shot is a cutting-edge treatment that helps with improving sensitivity, orgasms, bladder leakage, and vaginal appearance and dryness. Topical lidocaine is applied thirty minutes prior to the treatment to ensure your comfort during the treatment. There is no downtime or incisions with the O shot. One to three treatments may be necessary to achieve maximum results. But most women see improvement with just one treatment.

Femiwave™ vaginal rejuvenation uses energy wave pulses to stimulate vaginal and bladder tissue blood flow. Energy wave therapy has been used for over a decade to treat medical conditions. The procedure uses pulsating acoustic shock waves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels that increases blood flow. In addition, the procedure stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue. This process, called neurogenesis enhances sensitivity. Also, energy wave therapy also increases blood flow and the growth of nerve cells and tissue regeneration in the bladder which improves bladder control and reduces leakage, urgency, and frequency. It is believed that the energy waves also have the ability to “wake up” dormant cells which can lead to enhanced tissue growth and improved function.

Now this sound wave technology is being used for vaginal rejuvenation to tighten and restore the appearance and function to the vagina that can occur after childbirth and decline with age. Femiwave™ can be used to treat vaginal dryness, stenosis, and pain that may occur with menopause and other hormonal problems. It also helps with bladder conditions such as urgency, frequency, and incontinence. This non-ablative treatment is non-invasive and there is no cutting, injections, or downtime involved. A probe about the size of a tampon is placed into the vagina and energy frequency is passed into the vaginal wall. Femiwave™ may stimulate vaginal and bladder collagen production, improve blood flow to the vagina and bladder, increase sensitivity, lubrication, and elasticity no matter what your age may be.

Femiwave™ Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy Benefits:

  • Fast, effective, pain-free, and non-surgical treatment
  • No downtime
  • Takes 15 minutes
  • Improves sensitivity and enjoyment
  • Treats orgasmic dysfunction
  • Tightens vaginal region
  • Strengthens vaginal muscles
  • Treats vaginal atrophy
  • Improves lubrication, dryness, burning, and itching
  • Improves painful intercourse
  • Reduces urinary leakage and urgency
  • Decreases incontinence
  • Improves overactive bladder
  • Restores a youthful-looking vagina
  • Treats recurrent vaginal infections
  • Safe alternative to  hormone therapy

Low Sexual Desire: Lack of interest in sex is the most common sexual dysfunction in women. A decline in hormones as woman ages can lead to decreased sex drive. Fatigue is also commonly associated with decreased sexual desire.

Sexual arousal disorder: This occurs when there is difficulty with sexual arousal. A lack of vaginal and clitoral sensitivity can cause this problem.

Orgasmic Disorder: This occurs when a woman has difficulty achieving orgasm with adequate sexual stimulation.

Sexual Pain Disorder: This occurs when pain is associated with sexual penetration. It may be associated with vaginal dryness, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vaginitis ( inflammation of the vagina), vaginal spasms, and anxiety.

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