The Orgasm Shot® (O Shot)

The Orgasm Shot®   procedure is a very specific method of deriving blood growth factor and platelet rich plasma (PRP)   and injecting them  to rejuvenate the vagina to help women with urinary incontinence and sexual problems.  PRP is injected into the periurethral spaces and the clitoris  to stimulate regeneration and repair of cells in these areas  which can  result in better sexual function and bladder health.*

Combining FemiWave  treatments with The O-Shot® can in some women improve orgasms, help dyspareunia (painful sex), stop both urgency and  stress incontinence, relieve lichen sclerosus, increase libido, and improve sensation–for an improvement in sexual function, urinary function, and strengthening of relationships.*

  Women  Who Can Benefit: 

  •  low sexual desire
  •  difficulty  becoming aroused
  •  difficulty achieving an orgasm
  •  pain with sex
  •  bladder urgency and frequency

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