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Strawberry lipo treatment,  is designed to reduce body fat. Unlike some high-level lasers, Strawberry lipo treatment is totally pain-free. It provides results without any pain or downtime associated with traditional liposuction. During your lipo treatment, a paddle is wrapped against the skin. A cold red laser beam penetrates the skin and passes into the fat tissue beneath the skin. The laser beam creates pores in the fat cell that allows the contents, glycerol, water, and fatty acids, to be released and removed by the lymphatic system. Surrounding tissues such as blood vessels, nerves, and skin cells are unaffected by the procedure.

How Does Strawberry Lipo Treatment Work

Strawberry Lipo produces pores in fat cells by stimulating an enzyme, cytochrome c oxidase found in mitochondria, which is sensitive to laser light. This enzyme regulates cellular metabolism by boosting the rate of ADP/ATP exchange and biological cascades, which affect fat cell stability. This increased ATP production caused by the Strawberry Lipo leads to a boost in the production of a natural by-product called reactive oxygen species (ROS). Increased levels of ROS cause a process called lipid peroxidation. This process occurs when ROS reacts with lipid (fat) molecules that are present in cell membranes. The end result is the destruction of cell membrane fat is that it creates pores that make it easy for intra-cellular (fat inside the cell ) fat to be released. Strawberry Lipo also stimulates lipase, an enzyme, that breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. They are then released together with water through the pores. The fatty acids and glycerol are removed by the lymphatic system and transported into the body where they can be metabolized and consumed for energy. The fat cell shrinks and loses its round shape due to the changing of the permeability of the membrane. The pores heal later but the fat cell remains small. It is important to exercise after each treatment so that your body can burn off the glycerol and triglycerides through energy consumption.


The primary benefit of a Strawberry Lipo treatment is the loss of inches by fat reduction. However, patients also notice that cellulite appearance improves and their skin appears smoother and tighter after each treatment.**

*Results may vary

Areas To Be Treated

The Strawberry Lipo Laser is suitable for treating many areas of the body where fat reduction is desired. Body areas suitable for treatment are stomach, waistline, thighs, buttocks, hips, male breasts, arms, and neck.

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Side Effects

The Strawberry Lipo treatment is non-invasive, therefore no complications are expected. Also, there is no downtime.

Treatment Recommendation

We suggest a package of 8 treatments consisting of one to two treatments each week for 4 weeks. You can have more than one set of treatments but we advise a two-week break between each set of treatments. More than one area can be treated at a time but more cardiovascular exercise must be done to burn off the fat released during the treatment. Avoid eating a high-fat meal before and after your treatment.


The average cost per treatment ranges from $150 to $350 (multiple areas), however, most treatments average around $250 or less. Four to eight treatments are recommended for each treatment area.

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Fat Reduction Procedure Comparisons

Non-Invasive* Immediate Results* Incisions/ Injections* Pain/Discomfort*
Strawberry Laser Yes Yes None None
Smart Lipo No Yes Yes Yes
Liposuction No Yes Yes Yes
LipoSelection No Yes Yes Yes
Cool Sculpting Yes No None Yes
Air Sculpt No Yes Yes Yes
Laser Lipo No Yes Yes Yes
Bruising/Swelling* Downtime/Recovery Time*
Strawberry Laser None None
Smart Lipo Yes Yes
Liposuction Yes Yes
LipoSelection Yes Yes
Cool Sculpting Yes Yes
Air Sculpt Yes Yes
Laser Lipo Yes Yes
Compress Garment* Post-Meds* Skin Tightening* Average Cost Per Treatment*
Strawberry Laser None None Yes $250
Smart Lipo Yes Yes None $5000
Liposuction Yes Yes None $4500
LipoSelection Yes Yes None $4500
Cool Sculpting None Yes None $600
Air Sculpt Yes Yes None $4900
Laser Lipo Yes Yes None $1295

*The information above is based on reviews from and other public sources. It is subject to change without notice. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information above. You should not rely solely on this information to make a business or purchase decision. You should research the procedures on your own and make an informed decision based on your own personal research and not on information published here for your convenience.

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Your Strawberry Lipo treatment and what to expect…

After an initial consultation and completion of the necessary forms, you will then be weighed, measured and the treatment area photographed. (No faces). These details will be recorded so you can see your results. After you feel comfortable on the exam table, the Strawberry laser paddles will be fitted over the area to be treated. The paddles will be held in place with a Velcro strap. Once the paddles are fitted, the practitioner will place two Cluster probes close to the area and the painless treatment will begin. You will feel a very slight warmth. The treatment is very relaxing.


The technician will have measured you with a self-tightening tape measure, prior to the procedure, and will remeasure you immediately following it.

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Strawberry – Questions & Answers

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a package of 8 treatments consisting of 2 each week for 4 weeks.

Can I have more than one set of treatments?

Yes, but it is essential to have a two-week gap between courses.

Can I have more than one area treated at one time?

Yes, if you are prepared to do more cardiovascular exercise.

What actually happens to the fat?

The fat cells are undamaged but due to the reaction of the laser on the cell, it will only empty the contents. The contents consist of water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Following treatment, the glycerol is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids through the lymphatic system, through the liver and kidneys, and then they are expelled naturally.

Does the treatment hurt?

No. There is no pain at all.

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