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BHRT doctors can help you lose stubborn weight Atlanta GA

BHRT doctors can help you lose stubborn weight

BHRT Doctors in Atlanta Have Weight Loss Strategies for You

BHRT doctors know how to get you to lose weight

BHRT doctors (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors) understand the many factors that can contribute to excessive weight gain. Once your body establishes a natural weight equilibrium, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight. Diet and exercise are important to weight loss. However, it is not just poor diet and lack of exercise that can lead to a person being overweight or obese. There are complicated hormonal balances that your body has to maintain normal function. When these balances are disrupted due to factors, such as chronic stress, age, or genetic variables, they can make it difficult to lose weight, and can even make you gain weight. BHRT doctors understand all of these intricate hormonal interactions and can work with you to develop a weight loss strategy to get you to your goal weight.

Chronic stress and weight gain

It is normal to be stressed out every day. In the world we currently live in, we are constantly being overworked and can experience physical symptoms from this. When a person is chronically stressed, their body produces too much cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for body processes that include metabolism and immune and stress responses. This spike in cortisol can cause our bodies to gain weight. Stress can also lead to our bodies becoming resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that causes the energy in your body to be stored and is a hormone that keeps your blood sugar low. When your body is resistant to insulin, this causes your body to have too much insulin which can also cause you to gain weight. BHRT doctors can examine your body hormone levels to determine a physician-supervised weight loss strategy to get you to a weight you wish to be at.


Metabolic syndrome

When your body has been resistant to insulin for too long and has had insulin levels that are too high, you are at risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome involves experiencing any of the following symptoms:
● hypertension
● high blood sugar
● excessive weight gain in the abdominal area
● HDL levels that are low
● high levels of triglycerides
If you are experiencing one or any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with a BHRT doctor. Their knowledge and expertise can help you get your body back on track and help you lose stubborn body weight.

Atlanta BHRT Doctors- Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BHRT doctors have treatments and strategies that can help you shed pounds. Saliva hormone testing is key to identifying hormone imbalances that can lead to weight gain.  Dr. Eldred Taylor and Dr. Ava Bell-Taylor at Taylor Medical Group of Atlanta, GA have a longstanding history of providing people with weight loss success stories. Our doctors use BHRT, IV therapy and supplements to help restore hormone balance. If you are living in Atlanta, GA, and are in need of a BHRT doctor to help you with your weight loss goals, book your appointment today.

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